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Reference Photos

Here are all of the reference photos we are curently useing for the recreation of the portrait of "Three Saxon Princesses, Lucas Cranach The Elder, 1535"

The Portrait we are recreating:
Three Saxon Princesses, Lucas Cranach The Elder, 1535

Reference of a full length shot of this style dress:
Katharina Von Mecklenburg, Lucas Cranach The Elder

Salome with the Head of John The Baptist, Lucas Cranach The Elder

Saint Cathrine, Lucas Cranach The Elder

Reference of three quarter side view of this style dress:
Salome, Lucas Cranach The Elder

Reference of extant cuffs similar to the dress on the far right of the "Thee Saxon Princesses":
Extant Cuffs

Reference to Jen Thompson's Peasant gown pattern:
Jen Thompson's pattern

Reference to the pattern for Mary of Hapsburg:
Hapsburg Pattern
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Here's my theory:
The slit is for the wrist opening, and the dotted line is a fold line for either the bottom or top "center".

Pretty violent pics, what is the story behind the beheaded man?

The two images of the woman with the severed head are two different renditions of Salome of Judea -- biblical daughter of King Herod who asked for the head of John the Baptist on a platter and got it. She, like other violent biblical women, was a popular painting subject. Ever see a painting of a woman in the process of cutting off a man's head, with a maid standing behind her? That's Judith, a young Hebrew woman who seduced the leader of a tribe warring against the Jews so that she could get into his tent and cut off his head, thus winning the war for the Jews. She's especially popular during the Baroque era.